Michael Hofmann


PhD student/ Research Assistent

Fields of research

formulation development
in focus: dissolution of poorly soluble drugs in the gastrointestinal tract
GMP-/GCP-related work


J. Mann, J. Dressman, K. Rosenblatt, L. Ashworth, U. Muenster, K. Frank, P. Hutchins, J. Williams, L. Klumpp, K. Wielockx, P. Berben, P. Augustijns, R. Holm, M. Hofmann, S. Patel, S. Beato, K. Ojala, I. Tomaszewska, J. L. Bruel, J. Butler (2017): Validation of Dissolution Testing with Biorelevant Media: An OrBiTo Study. Mol Pharm. 2017 Aug 23 Epub ahead of print

Poster presentations:

M. Hofmann, F. Thieringer, M. A. Nguyen, W. Månsson, P. Langguth (2016): Intraduodenal Infusion of pharmaceutical suspensions for determination of in vivo dissolution rates in humans. Poster presentation. OrBiTo Annual meeting. Helsinki, FIN. 27th June – 1st July

M. Hofmann, M. A. Nguyen, F. Thieringer, F. K. Rahman, W. Månsson, G. L. Amidon, P. Langguth (2014): In vivo dissolution rates of ibuprofen suspensions in healthy volunteers. Poster presentation. APS meeting & OrBiTo Annual meeting. Stevenage, UK. 12th May -14st May 2014

Journal Articles

Other activities

- Teaching: Practical training in Pharmaceutical Technology for students in the 7th term