Antje Ziller



Fields of Research

Preparation, uptake and intracellular distribution of RNA-containing liposomes for tumor vaccination (SFB 1066)

Formulation and structural characterization of lipoplexes


Poster: „Influence of different cationic lipids and DOPE on the cell uptake of DNA formulated in lipoplexes“ (DPhG Annual Meeting, Düsseldorf, 23.-25.09.2015)

Poster; “Lipoplexes for transport of combined DNA vaccines” (APV World Meeting, Glasgow, 04.-07.04.2016)

Poster: “mRNA incorporated into lipid matrices as controlled release systems” (CLINAM, Basel, 26.-29.06.2016)

Other activities

Practical training of students in Pharmaceutical Technology and Biopharmaceutics
(3rd Semester: oral exams
7th Semester: organization, practical supervision, oral/written exams)