Christian Siewert


PhD student/ Research Assistent

Field(s) of research

Formulation of nanoparticulate Polyplexes

Stimulation of the lymphatic system by nanoparticulate drug targeting

Cancer vaccination


Poster: “Critical Process and Scaling Parameters for Wet Milling. A Quality by Design (QbD) Approach” MINT Meeting in Basel (Meeting on Innovation and New Technology at Roche, Genentech and Chugai, 20.-22. May 2014)

Poster: „Nanopartikuläre Ribopharmaka zur individualisierten Tumortherapie Formulierungsansätze für den gerichteten Transport“ 6. Ci3 Clusterkonferenz „Ci3 goes 2.0?“ in Wiesbaden 02. December 2015

Poster: “Combining Chitosan and DEAE-dextran for RNA polyplex nanoparticle design using a DoE approach” 10th PBP Worl Meeting in Glasgow 4.-7. April 2016

Siewert C, Moog R, Alex R, Kretzer P, Rothenhäusler B.
Process and scaling parameters for wet media milling in early phase drug development: A knowledge based approach. (2017)
DOI: 10.1016/j.ejps.2017.12.022

Conferences/workshops - Schools:

6th Ci3 Cluster-Conference, 02.12.2015, Wiesbaden –Poster presentation

10thPBP World Meeting 04.-07.04.2016 Glasgow –Poster presentation

2nd FZI Retreat, 24.-25.06.2016 Bad Dürkheim –Poster presentation

MPGC Retreat, 24.-28.10.16 Hamburg – scientific talk

7th Ci3-Clusterconference, 14.03.17, Mainz –Poster presentation

MPGC Retreat, , 23.-28.10.17 Berlin, 24.01.18 Mainz – scientific talk

11th PBP World Meeting 19.-22.03.18 Granada – Poster presentation

Other activities

Teaching: Practical training in Pharmaceutical Technology for students in the 7th term (solid dosage forms)

Calcutta Rescue Deutschland e.V. – Executive Committee Member and project coordinator ‘Mother-Child Healthcare’

APV - Member

LAK-RLP – Members representative