Mark Denny

Denny HP


Phd student, research assistant

Field(s) of research

Development of semi-solid preparations of Imiquimod


"Open-label, randomized pilot study on tolerability and safety of a novel Imiquimod formulation for the treatment of patients with actinic keratosis"on 2.FZI-Retreat, 24. - 25.06.2016 in Bad Dürkheim

"Nanoparticle dispersed formulation IMI-GEL vs. Aldara® in human - a comparative Phase-I Study" on 1. FZI-Retreat, 19. - 20.06.2015 in Seeheim-Jugenheim

Journal Articles

Combined immunotherapy: CTLA-4 blockade potentiates anti-tumor response induced by transcutaneousimmunization ; J.Rausch, P.A.Lopez, A.Bialojan, M.Denny, P.Langguth, H.C.Probst, H.Schild, M.P.Radsak ; Dermatological Science, June 2017

Transcutaneous immunization with a novel imiquimod nanoemulsion induces superior T cell responses and virus protection ; P.A. Lopez, M.Denny, A.K.Hartmann, A. Alflena, H.C.Probst, E.VonStebut, S.Tenzer, H.Schild, M.Stassen, P.Langguth, M.P.Radsak; Dermatological Science, June 2017

Transcutaneous Immunization with a Solid Nanoscopic Imiquimod Suspension Enhances Tumor Rejection
Pamela Stein, Karsten Gogoll, Tanja Peters, Mark Denny, Stefan Tenzer, Stefan Stevanovic, Hansjoerg Schild, Matthias Theobald, Peter Langguth, Markus Radsak
Blood Dec 2015, 126 (23) 2224

Other activities

Supervision of the seventh semester