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DPhG-FFQM Prize for the Promotion of Drug Quality 2023 awarded to Jonas and Luise

The winners of this year’s prize for promoting drug quality are Sophie Luise Meiser and Jonas Pielenhofer from the working group of Prof. Dr. Peter Langguth, Institute for Biopharmacy and Pharmaceutical Technology at Johannes Gutenberg University, Mainz. Both submitted work in the area of „Quality-by-Design (QbD), Nanotechnology / Clinical Pharmacy“, which was carried out by an interdisciplinary research group.

Pielenhofer accepted the award at the DPhG annual conference in Tübingen on behalf of those involved in the project.

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‘X-ray vision’ for investigation of mRNA nanomedicines

Three scientists are working in a room full of experimental equipment for X-ray experiments.

Together with colleagues from EMBL Hamburg,  Postnova Analytics GmbH, and BioNTech SE we have developed a new method to investigate mRNA-containing nanoparticles and other pharmaceutical nanoparticle products. The method gives direct and quantitative information on how many particles of each size are in the product, as well as their structure, composition, and many other properties which are key for ensuring consistent product quality and effectiveness. The new approach can be easily adapted by the pharmaceutical industry and academia, and is expected to enable faster and more efficient development of new nanomedicines comprising mRNA and other drug substances in the future.  On the picture,  Christoph and Bastian together with EMBL staff scientist Melissa Graewert are performing measurements of RNA using small-angle X-ray scattering at the EMBL beamline P12 in Hamburg. (Credit: Dorota Badowska/EMBL)

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