Research areas

1. Dosage form disintegration, dissolution, absorption and presystemic metabolism in the gastrointestinal tract and other administration sites

M. Nguyen, M. Hofmann, Z. Kamran, S. Kindgen, M. Kubinga, K. Meinhardt, I. Mishenzon, R. Rach

2. Carrier systems for controlled release and targeted delivery of (bio)pharmaceuticals

J. Al-Gousous, D. Bickmann, A.-M. Ciciliani, M. Denny, D. Frache, J. Gajendran, R. Johnson, S. Kindgen, P. Khoshakhlagh, T. Nawroth, J. Schichtel, J. Schnorr, C. Siewert, A. Ziller

3. The role of absorptive and exsorptive drug transporters in drug bioavailability and disposition

M. Nguyen

4. Qualitymanagement and control in Good Manufacturing Practics

J. Schnorr, Dr. A. Braun, K. Gerlich, S. Trebbien