Research areas

1. Dosage form disintegration, drug dissolution, absorption and presystemic metabolism in the gastrointestinal tract 

V.Stahl, Dr. J. Al-Gousous, M. Garcia, M. Olofse, F. Claussen, MF. Umer

2. Carrier systems for controlled release and targeted delivery of (bio)pharmaceuticals

Dr. J. Al-Gousous, Dr. A.-M. Ciciliani, J.Pielenhofer, C. Wilhelmy, S. Engel, SL. Meiser, B. Kolb, PD Dr. T. Nawroth


References for Pharma-SAXS Project


3. Pulmonary dosage forms, simulation of pulmonary deposition pattern using computational fluid dynamics and experimental verifiactions; in vitro prediction of deposition in children and diseased patients

PD. Dr. H. Wachtel, Dr. A.-M. Ciciliani,

4. Qualitymanagement and control in Good Manufacturing Practics

H.Spahn-Langguth, Dr. A.-M. Ciciliani