Johannes Blechar



  • Pharmacist
  • PhD student/ Reasearch Assistant

Fields of research:

  • Enteric-coated oral dosage forms
  • Biopredictive dissolution and disintegration of solid oral dosage forms


Journal Articles

  • Blechar, J. A., Al-Gousous, J., Wilhelmy, C., Postina, A. M., Getto, M., & Langguth, P. (2020). Toward Mechanistic Design of Surrogate Buffers for Dissolution Testing of pH-Dependent Drug Delivery Systems. Pharmaceutics12(12), 1197.
  • Fu, M., Al-Gousous, J., Blechar, J. A., & Langguth, P. (2020). Enteric Hard Capsules for Targeting the Small Intestine: Positive Correlation between In Vitro Disintegration and Dissolution Times. Pharmaceutics12(2), 123.
  • Fu, M., Blechar, J. A., Sauer, A., Al-Gousous, J., & Langguth, P. (2020). In Vitro Evaluation of Enteric-Coated HPMC Capsules—Effect of Formulation Factors on Product Performance. Pharmaceutics12(8), 696.
  • Al-Gousous, J., Ruan, H., Blechar, J. A., Sun, K. X., Salehi, N., Langguth, P., ... & Amidon, G. E. (2019). Mechanistic analysis and experimental verification of bicarbonate-controlled enteric coat dissolution: potential in vivo implications. European Journal of Pharmaceutics and Biopharmaceutics139, 47-58.


  • Patent Application No. PCT/EP2019/077501. Submitted to European Patent Office on 10.10.2019. Application Status: Pending.
  • Patent Application No. DE 10 2018 129 419.0. Submitted to German Patent and Trade Mark Office on 22.11.2018. Application Status: Pending


  • Practical training in biopharmaceutics for students in the 7th term